Sometimes, people choose the wrong road when they’re younger, and it takes them to places they never should have been. Sometimes they hurt people along the way, friends, family, strangers. Every now and then, some of those less than wonderful individuals try to get out of the life and make things right with whatever means they can, before their old life catches up with them.

Todd Nathan was one such person. He was a loving, affable sort, the kind that you can always rely on to be there for you no matter what. Like many others, he fell in with the wrong crowd and it lead him to the darker side of life. He became involved in smuggling, drugs, banditry and many other vile activities that created a vast chasm between Todd and his family. Things only got worse when his father, Lloyd, a great man and devoted father, as well as being Todd’s only true hero, died of a plague that the local healers found a cure for a few days too late.

With the loss of his only stabilizing role model, Todd spiraled deeper into darkness, not caring for the damage he caused or the pain of his family. He threw his life into the world of crime, becoming a full member of The Rising Hand, the thieve’s guild in Springtown.

After many years and his third stay in the dungeons beneath the city, he came to a realization that this was all he had to look forward to if he continued on in this way. He saw what he was doing to those around him and the dishonor he was bringing upon his father’s house. Knowing that change is not easy, especially in this life, he resolved to change his ways and try to make amends for those he had wronged, his family first and foremost.

In Memorium